Peakn Ice Bath Model – PK001


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  • Professionally and ergonomically designed ice bath for comfortable ice bath
  • This unit is designed for single session use meaning water and ice in and after that session you pack up
  • Unit specifically designed for ice bathing whilst sitting inside
  • Mobile and portable to ice bath everywhere and anywhere. Perfect for outdoors and indoor ice bathing.
  • Installation with easy inflation and deflation within minutes.
  • Ultising less water and less ice for optimum outcome.
  • The four-layered design makes the bath stable and sturdier.
  • Push in plugs tightly to never worry about air leakage even when the swimming pools inflatable is completely filled with people.
  • Fits person up to 6ft 4inches to the neck for ultimate efficiency.
  • Measurements – 1200mm x 1000mm x 680mm
  • REQUIRED: Electric pump, 200 Litres of water and 6 bags of ice
  • The sense of ease brought to you by PEAKn Ice Bath

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